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Innovate and Development

The new development market and Innovate is the important mainstay for sustainable development of OUHUA company. A good market percentage and the sustainable development will be depend on the company’s strategy in innovate and development. We pay attention to this and make the innovate and development to be the top strategy once the company build. Now we have the good achievement in innovate and development after the highly cost in a long time,

During the development, OUHUA also pay attention to human resources. To keep the long-time development, we recruit, training the professional people, and work hard to the final target. Since the company build, the people of innovate and development department is increased to 5% and it is also became the hardest basement for the company’s further development.

Since the company build, we pay attention to the technology renovation .We put huge cost in human resource and training, the expand of the production area, improve the production line, import and update the production machine, improve the technology and etc.

We have twelve patents and also have the prize, such as “Science and technology enterprises in zhejiang province”, “Wenzhou patent demonstration enterprises”。We have the good prestige in the industry and try our best to develop the brand strategy and technology strategy, then the company will be in sustainable development in future.


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