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Wenzhou City, Europe and China Stationery Ltd, established in 1993, the company is now Main products are: price machine, the price of paper series, stickers, labels series, supermarket supplies series. Europe and China in Zhejiang Ouhai stationery, plant area of 6,000 square meters and employs more than 200 people.


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Under the integration with the global economy and the era of knowledge economy, ouhua keeps a highly crisis and market consciousness since the company have founded. Improving the enterprise hollow and expanding the market, regulate the management, optimum the product structure, work hard to create the core competition of enterprise, keep the sustainable development of enterprise
Through many years efforts, the products have been exported to over fifty countries, in the first line of development. We believe, facing the challage and opportunity, with the public’s support, ouhua must be sustainable development and powerful and share the glorious of new century and the modern ear with friends

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